Open Call: Freedom!

In fostering ‘navigation in uncertainty’ as a mode of thought, within the scope of literacy of mind, we are searching for a ‘difference' with which to mind the times, with a needed crack and extended maneuver. The corridor to our next Lab comes this time with an Open Call - to take part in the exposure of the endless folds of Freedom, from any angle or manifest one thinks relevant. We are inviting all participant of the lab to submit an initial work idea, centered around Freedom and its role in animating thought, unleashing action and cultivating histories, upon the ledger of time, past, present or that which we call the future. Freedom roots with the best of human creation, it is always carved, always unstable and an unpredictable fluctuation on the map of the forces at play. An infinitesimal sign (crack) in the mythological equation, freedom inter-rupts as a fleeting suggestion in the unrelentless dynamics of the game of life.

Submit your initial work idea by 20/9/2019

It can be sent directly to:

Anticipate! anticipate! it's coming... :))

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