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DEAR FUTURE - Projects

Projects of the Lab, of past and future


A book of virtual letters – the immense archives of humanity’s culture and knowledge as a map to be singularly navigated hunting for disruptive instances to infect the modern mind for ‘intelligence expansion’. Each letter holding one such memetic virus, recontextualized for the contemporary, for the purpose of swapping intelligence bits and bytes.

We understand archetypes as a mean to connect as humans, a shortcut to understanding the feelings and sensations of ‘the other’. But in their pre-set spectrum they are also limiting us. Because we are as if using them, while not participating in their creation and revision...

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Immersive journey through multiple terrains with formats of interviews, film screening, movement exploration, sound immersion walk, spatial installation, screening of the compilation of interviews and reporting of experiences onto a live digital board.

by Cecilia Pez and Jolene Lee

The full journey - Slow Playground

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