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As a general attitude the project of the Lab has no economic dimension, it is thought of as a shared R&D project (neither buying nor selling anything). 

The code itself is a work in progress under the aim of making the Lab a sustainable event.

  • Participation means management - If you are a participant in the Lab you share in managing and actuating the needed steps to make it happen. We each find the way to take care and to share in the tasks.

  • Travelling lab – The lab is currently itinerant, each time it is being invited to its next event and location. The ones who are inviting are considered the host/s of the event and they are the address of responsibility for the particular instance of the Lab, supported by the network of participants. 

  • Sustain-able – We share the necessary expenses that enable the immediate event to happen (i.e.: location, equipment, food, unique needs). Other Expenses (flights, accommodations) are currently taken care by each one, though we are working to make it a funded project. 

  • A-bandon* – 'Mettre sa forest à bandon' was a feudal law in the 13th cent., i.e. to open the forest freely to all for pasture or to cut wood. In the Lab we share in the Forest, the mind is our Forest and fertile ground, the result (the Lab a-bandon) is abundance.

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