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    DORIA J.D.  / Founder

    J.D Doria, founder of the Laboratory of Intelligence Culture, and Occupy the Mind Project – both being live traces of a lifetime of infiltration and research. As an artist he explores Generative Materiality and Material Cosmologies. As a ‘character’ in a story he plays the game of life to its liberating end and open-ended sense.


    Sayfan, founder of the Laboratory of Intelligence Culture and avid researcher, in life and profession. She is a nomad of culture and knowledge, carrying the strictly necessary, merging a background in biophysics, complexity and design research as a raft to cross the torrents of thought, engaged relations, and learning via first hand experimentation. She teaches and collaborates at multiple universities.


    MICHAEL WEITZ / Production Team

    Michael is the co-founder of Virtuozo, a global training and consulting firm for developing speakers and communicators. The Lab provides the grounds for seeking new 

    threads on how the mind operates, and on equipping the mind to face the challenges presented by the 21st century, and the technologies to which it is giving birth.


      OPAY L. GOLDBERG / ZooZ Founder

      A Berlin based artist, pop-up performer and founder of the Zooz Approach. 

      Opay joined 'The Lab of Intelligence Culture' to bridge experience with awareness, emotional landscapes with capacity, crisis and progressive becoming.  

      The experiential approach of Zooz uses physicality for the purpose of bringing into presence acute mind states.


      JEMAIY / Production Team

      Jemaiy is a research artist of the Lab working at the intersection of art, science and philosophy of mind. Her interest is focused in defying the borders of the familiar. Using sense-making, social intelligence, new media literacy, design mindset and virtual collaboration towards understanding the tectonic plates of consciousness.


      NERYS M. GOLAN / Production Team

      Nerys is a Lab enthusiast, it is her fertile ground for mind traveling. As an Open Space facilitator and an organizational consultant, she uses the Lab to harvest presence and different types of engagements. To deepen and explore understandings of working in-collaboration with alternative self and others, for better potential futures. 


        CIAN MAROM 

        Cian is an entrepreneur in mind and matter. An explorer of a possible, better future. As the Matrix beautifully captures it: " it's the Question that moves us", thus a believer in the Human spirit, in making the efforts to make sense of this time in existence.



        Idan loves the rhythm. the Lab for him is a space for exploration through music and movement. As an entrepreneurs' community coordinator he extracts from the lab clarity and wisdom for working on 21st century challenges.



        Christina is a questioner, researching through art and movement the extended mind in the settings of today and possible futures. Her engagement in the LAB is rooted in the space of collective wondering.


          CLAUDIO SQUELLA / ZooZ Musician

          Musician and Architect, who is in continuous searching of new spaces both in the abstract and the concrete. Joined the lab to explore his musical passion in a wider context of mind research.



          Filmmaker and Co-researcher by Zooz, Matteo finds in the Lab the opportunity to sharpen his Sight and widen his Angle of Observation upon the Field of Action-ability, where Camera, Body and Mind are fading into one Appearance.



          Cecilia is an artist, architect and musician who investigates spatial and temporal relations within sound and plastic shapes. Through Lab Cecilia explores with voice and instruments different states of mind which mutate in real time drawn within the Zooz contour.


          NILS WADT / ZooZ

          The lab is a platform, in which questions relating the human condition in the 21st century is addressed: without a disciplinary boundary or an institutional paradigm and therefore open-ended. That makes it unique in the contemporary landscape of research on the topic of mind and self and raises my interest in this venture. I am an entrepreneur and designer with a background in philosophy and study of societies.


          JOLENE LEE / Production Team

          Jolene is an architect and a creative director. The laboratory is - to culture the mind and the self. To expand boundaries of our thinking. To be open, to recount theories and forwardly hypothesise and speculate. To have accessibility and configuration of ones thinking. To be different, to have different selves, to have more than one self.



          Mathilde is a dancer and has a background in humanities studies. Dance is for her not just a bodily expression, but a crucial entry point into human existence, that has implications beyond the dance floor and the studio. Mathilde sees the Lab as a space to explore the plurality of mind, while articulating it through all the senses at stake, sharing the experience of intelligence and reinventing it through what is moving inside. It brings up a breath into perceptions and knowledge as an ongoing process.


          Einav (Narayan) Sharon

          Narayan is a software architect and a pursuer of aesthetics in intelligent architecture (of any-thing). For her the Lab presents the possibility to create a pause in the organization of forces that maintain the existing architecture of Identity, 

          and saturate in experimental-experiential space of observation. In here experience can emerge, as an unpredictable fluctuation, from any ‘point’ within the space.


          John Reinhard

          John is a doctoral (PhD) student at the Saarland University in Homburg, Germany, researching in the institute of Medical Biochemistry . He is a biochemist who spent most of his free time during undergrad years amongst sociologists. Thus, always a seeker of true interdisciplinarity, he immerses in the lab of
          intelligence culture to overcome the limitation of thinking in straight lines only.

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