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Upon reading the transcripts more then few times...

Upon reading the transcripts more then few times, which felt like an entirely different writing after each digest and yet one continuous exploration, just when started wondering if I 'might fall right through to the other side of the Earth' - it all started to make sense. Or I started to make sense of it :) Here is list of directions I thought we could explore during our next meeting - be it virtual or real:

- 'being' and mapping the process of undoing the solidity and opacity of a given context/reality/observer OR experiment with forming those new words - using the contexts and precepts (as the letters) of the cognitive and reflective events (I wonder if framing this statement shows my understanding or misunderstanding) - look at the 'reflective native' in the face :) - talk more about observation and manipulation - a key - come up with a key, or make many keys - celebrate the emergent intersubjective-aliances and find the 'willingness/remembrance?' to call into those spaces every time you feel like you are drifting away into confusion

with love and curiosity and curiosity M

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