Towards Macedonia Lab

hello travelers

trusting that your minds are well occupied :) the news is that the next session for the Lab is confirmed in Eastern Macedonia, and it will take place between the 13th-16th of September (Thursday evening to Sunday evening)

Doors are open for new people to join the conversation.

After the successful collaboration that unfolded in Berlin between the Lab and Zooz, ZooZ will participate in the event in Macedonia.

few notes to take in consideration during your research and planning - flights can be to either Skopje, Macedonia or Sofia, Bulgaria - both are approximately 3 hours from our meeting point. I will organize transportation to the location. - Eastern Macedonia is known as the 'Switzerland of the Balkans'. When that comparison is made - I am sure they refer to geography, not economic welfare.

It is still a corner not fully explored nor occupied, and that makes it a rich ground for our exploration - around the table, while moving and being out

The invitation is open, heartfelt and burning - under the idea to sit around the table with whoever can make the journey

warm hugs, Marija


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