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'Mind Sensing' or 'Sense of Mind'

Mind sensing – Developing the ways to observe/ gather "data" on the mind

As I was re-reading the transcript one of the instructions for the visual meditations jumped out at me: "Explore the ‘sense of mind’ emerging with the image."

This notion of exploring the 'sense of mind' seemed to me something that could be a tool of "data gathering" for our explorations. For example exploring the 'sense of mind' that emerges when listening to different kinds of music, or being in different kinds of physical spaces, engaging in different activities of the mind, or even at different points during the same meeting.

As I was reviewing the posts on the community, I was struck how each post creates a difference sense in my mind. Sometimes clarity. Sometimes confusion. Sometimes a texture that is yearning for more touch and immersion.

I love the range of these senses, and how each one can be a rich vein for further exploration.

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