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Freedom Contract

What makes you anything at all?

I'm a living life form with the agency to decide and decode knowledge

add a dom to the free

and dwell in the impossibility

it's more than interdependence

and less than independence

it's about choosing the virus in us

"organisms at the edge of life"

infected by choice :)

does our DNA have a sense of humor?

or does the Sun spin with a burning desire to scorch Earth?

are the substrates and formations infused with intentions or they just are a witness

conducting or conductors

relentless tenderness in the

grace of the thumbs that touch the screen

and capture the neural activity

nurtured by the crushing waves

my freedom is a question

I pose to you

a posey of desires

tied with a ribbon of identity

I gift to you

without a need

to force autocorrect

to the train of your thoughts

trickled rumbles of reflections

resuscitate your need

to admit

that anything at all

is you and everyone and everything

The overused phrase "you can go anywhere and you can be anything" stands in opposition to the concept of time. Because Being, whether it lasts for a millisecond or you manage to extend it over a timeline imbued with a chosen flavor and pulsing with consistency, is still …...Being. And in this search, are we running out of time?

Accessing a clarity of mind to be able to articulate these states from where you can generate this dom and the absence of the coordinates that guide you to re-access it present us with the challenge... Are we craving to be free? This search is one of finding the door and the frame that holds the door while creating the door handle itself rather than describing the concept of freedom.

To state a claim asks for clarity and a substrate that can hold the disparaging forces that will inevitably try to pull the system back to ‘normal’ and the Self back to its place. Because a Self with defined coordinates is the least confusing, though it does not mean least confused. A Self within parameters of mutually accepted maps of walked upon territories.

The personal and interpersonal come in a clash when freedom is in question. Vens diagrams, excluding freedoms, restricting movement, correcting behaviour to regulate the spikes and normalize the irregularities. The normality becomes a default guideline for safe passage through life while freedom deflates. Because freedom might mean responsibilities, accountability, standing up with your own well crafted or rather uncertain answer. If it moves it matches. Because standing tall, allows you to slide between pockets of accessibility and be able to plug in into unlimited manifestations of intelligence.

Marija Coneva

The Lab Of Intelligence Culture

Berlin - November, 2019

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1 Comment

Nerys Golan
Nerys Golan
Dec 13, 2019

Saying here YES - to good questions and good articulations. Thank you for this, Marija.

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