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7 words to carve a sense of stepping into the making

Occupy the Mind / Project Launching Event - 7/10/2017

7 words to carve a sense of stepping into the making

Insuppressible – to forge a minding as insuppressible force

“Shar Ruach” – we come to the challenge we stated for our selves and to life with an extended spirit (Shar Ruoch).

Real Exploration – to walk the fractal line of risk and trust, of known and unknown, the raw and the already formed, of the poetic and of reason, ambiguity and clarity and mostly to play and to be played by game.

Deoccupation - Occupy the mind does not mean (hard) occupation but it points at a process of de-occupation.

Zero vision and total challenge – vision(s) will emerge in correspondence with the unfoldment of the challenge of evoking literacy of mind.

Gap in the circle – required secret weapon: we take ourselves with a grain of salt, as an attitude we have no absolutes and we build doors out of closed context and experiences.

Empty Word – the last word with which we carve the sense of beginning is empty, and it stands as an invitation and a necessity for random keys to emerge moment by moment.


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